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New Life, New Beginnings

Well, when one door is forceable closed on you, all you can do is search for a new one that you can walk through and start anew….

Today marks the end of my time with the free company I was with that I enjoyed being a part of, but it seems they didn’t really welcome me. After my ex accusing me of things, having a bout of depression in chat, and now being accused of something that is totally uncharacteristic of me, they evicted me from the free company. Some things just aren’t meant to be, I guess.

Now, as I walk through a new door to a new free company, House Morgenstern, we will see how things go. It is time for a new beginning and to start fresh. I reached out to a friend to find this new home of mine and I hope I don’t screw this up like I have everything else that I touch.

I’ll keep you all updated on how my life changes.

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