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Happy Halloween?

It has been a few days or so since my last post. I’m still with my new Free Company. I do what I can with them, but I still feel like a bit of an outsider. It is really hard to tell if I’m really a part of the “family”. I guess it is because of the fact that I have been doing so much alone that I don’t know what it is like to be apart of something.

Today, for example, the company went to a venue, but I still felt like I was there by myself. No one interacts or does anything with me to make me feel like I’m apart of anything. Later on, they were doing stuff for Blue Mage and I was left at the venue by myself. I had even mentioned about helping out.

Is there just an aura about me that has people not want to be around me or something? I just wish I knew why I always feel so alone in the game.

If anyone can help me answer this, I would really be grateful for your thoughts on the matter.

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