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Fall Fun

The season is changing and so is everything else in my life. I do apologize for the time away but I have been trying to spend time creating various videos for you to watch as I enjoy the life that has come upon me.

I have been spending more and more time with someone I have grown to love, Magatha Rowan. Her and I have our own house in Shirogane. I did a walk through of our house after I worked on decorating the interior of the house. The exterior and yard are still a shambles, but I hope after the holiday season I’ll have an idea of how I’ll want it to look.

I welcome anyone to come take a personal look and leave a message in my book and tell me what you think of the house.

As much as I would love to stay and chat though, I have a date with Magatha coming up and I must be on my way. I will catch up with you all in the next post!

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