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Restoring Ishgard

It has been a long time coming, but it has now come. A group of us that are Disciples of Hand and Disciples of Land are going about restoring the Firmament in Ishgard. With that being said, I have been spending a lot of time out in Diadem gathering needed supplies for the restoration.

Now, that is a lot of work. I have been spending days at a time out there to assist in the restoration process. Not only that, but I have had the opportunity to partake in the building process and see how the Firmament has been evolving. With where things are at now, the Firmament is looking amazing. I wish I had pictures of what it looked like before all this work began, but I DO have some of where things currently are at now!

Now, I wish I had more time to write, but I need to get back out to Diadem and do some more gathering. My work is never done. As of now, it isn’t anyway. I’ll keep you posted as the Firmament progresses. I cannot wait to see how this place improves in the next stage!

Until my next post, take care and stay safe!

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