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Greetings Adventurers!

Hello fellow Adventurers! I really hope you all are having an excellent day!

I want to welcome you all to reading my very first entry of my journal. With this being my first entry, I have not locked down how often I am able to post. I am a VERY busy adventurer and may not be able to post something daily, though, that is my hope.

To give you all a little insight about me, I am a member of the Keepers of the Moon Miqo’te clan. My Nameday is on the 31st Sun of the 6th Astral Moon. I presently assist those in need as a red mage. (I just love my rapiers.) Every now and again, I will feel adventurous and pull out my gunblade and assume the role of a gunbreaker.

Now, that is just fine and dandy and all, but there is no excitement in knowing such BASIC information, now is there?

You all probably really want to know is, what do I have going on in my personal life? Am I involved with anyone? Do I do any crafting and/or gathering? Do I lie around in bed all day occasionally staring at the fish in a fish tank? Or do I sit (or /playdead) in a wonderful hot tub where I call home? I am sure there are many more questions out there, but let’s start with these. You can always ask more in the comments section of this post. So… let me at least do you. the honor of answering these questions.

Q: Am I involved with anyone?
A: YES! Now that I have answered this, now you want to know who is it? This is an easy one to answer if you have ever done any sort of adventuring with me over the course of many days and see the same person with me MOST of the time. At the top of this post, you will see some slides I put together of some of my favorite pictures of the two of us together. Her name is Mystic Rayne. We own a small house in the Goblet. Our house is located in the 7th Ward, Plot 26. If you ever want to come and visit, just be on the Aether data center and come to Sargatanas.

Q: Do I do any crafting and/or gathering?
A: Again, the answer to this is yes. I FINALLY have all my crafting jobs and gathering jobs maxed out on their experience. My next task and it is not an easy one is upgrade the gear and meld the required materia on the gear to be a true omnicrafter and omnigatherer. Now, since I do crafting and gathering, I have helped contribute to the Ishgardian restoration project and am helping the Qitari out every day as time permits. I have been anxiously waiting for the announcement from Ishgard as two when the next phase of the restoration is to commence.

Q: Do I lie around in bed all day occasionally staring at the fish in a fish tank? Or do I sit (or /playdead) in a wonderful hot tub where I call home?
A: This one was a trick question. I do enjoy watching the fish in the fish tank near the bed I sleep in swim around to ease my mind after a long day. In that same room is an amazing hot tub that I relax in with Mystic. I have seen an occasional Free Company member dead in there, though (should I have even said that? OOPS!). Other than that, like I have mentioned earlier, I am pretty busy spending as much time as I can with Mystic, helping the denizens of The Source and The First and my Free Company

Wow! This has been a pretty long post! I do hope you have enjoyed the read. I welcome any questions and/or comments below. Until my next post and may it be soon!

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