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Learning To Breathe Again

Yesterday was an alright day. It was the first day I have been able to start to breathe life into myself again. It wasn’t that big of a feat, but it is a start. What I mean by this is that yesterday I was able to complete a task with the help of a fellow adventurer. I reached out for some help and someone actually took me up on the offer.

With the help I received, I was able to clear out some FATEs in Mare Lamentorum and knock that task off my list. I still have Elpis and Ultima Thule left. Each of those have a whopping number to complete. So, it is going to take a while to complete those. After I have all those done, I can work on a much bigger task which will keep me occupied for a long while.

I do have something else I could get done much quicker though and that is finishing my Gun Breaker relic weapon. I have just 5 more raw emotions to get and that will be complete. I do also need to work on completing a couple Pandaemonium raids so I can possibly take on their harder counterparts and get some better gear.

Now that I have that kind of focus, maybe things will get back to “normal” for me. I’ll take time and go to venues so things aren’t so monotonous and I can keep my sanity. One step at a time though… one step at a time.

I’ll keep you posted. Until next time!

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