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Trouble Is A Brewing…

Well, I don’t expect this to be a very long post, but I need to vent…

I was having a good day. I hung out with a friend of mine at their house in Shirogane early in the day, but I needed to leave as they were busy with some things. We were thinking about hitting up some venues, but that didn’t happen because they got busy.

I spent the remainder of my day knocking out my journal provided to me by Khloe. I managed to get two lines crossed off in her journal which was nice. One day I’ll get the three lines. That in itself is a rare feat. While I was working on that, I made a little progression on working towards obtaining a new mount by doing things on my Gunbreaker. I only need to do things roughly 78 more times. I’ll get there though!

Now… we get to where things seem to be getting hairy. What I mean by this is my ex trying to stir up trouble for me when I was just minding my own business in the Gold Saucer. I initially went there to get my daily scratch off completed. I figured while I was there, I would blow off some extra steam by participating in their GATES. That is when I come across my ex. I kept my distance of course. The only time I came close to her was to gain access to participating in the gate. I didn’t say a word to her or bother her at all. Next thing I see though is her asking in our Free Company chat that she was asking if an officer was around. I don’t know what she was wanting. I have every right to be at the Gold Saucer as she does. I’m not going to leave all because she shows up. That is not fair to me. I have no interest in interacting with her with what she has put me through.

I think I managed to dodge a bullet though with there not being an officer on. However, I don’t know if she has reached out to one via other means of communication. I guess I’ll eventually see. I swear, she needs to stop being vindictive and preventing me to attend places where she is at.

Now that I have vented… I’m just going to relax in my bed at the Free Company house. May the day ahead not cause me any problems.


As I had thought… trouble was brewing. The Free Company owner reached out to me about the situation with my ex.

She sent a claim that I was stalking her because I was at the Gold Saucer when she was. I am still waiting to see if there is any further fall out from this. She left the Free Company so I won’t have to worry about (at least I am hoping anyway) any further issues. Her partner-in-crime is still a part of the Free Company. Here’s hoping he doesn’t try to further complicate things with me. I don’t interact with him at all anyway.

I just want to be left in peace so I can begin healing from her leaving me. Is that too much to ask?

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